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Previous Year Question Paper 

Topic                                                             PDF                  Video

  • Government Exams after UG (Life Science)                      PDF                          Video      

  • SSC-CGL (Career)                                                                PDF                          Video

  • SSC-CGL (Exams and Patterns)                                         PDF                          Video

  • SSC-CGL (Syllabus and Important Sections)                   PDF                           Video

  • SSC-CGL (Facts and Myths)

  • SSC-CGL (Do and Don'ts)

  • SSC-CGL (Tips and Tricks)

​Short Notes

  1. Introduction to Biology 1.1 Characteristics of Life 1.2 Branches of Biology 1.3 Importance of Biology

  2. Cell: The Unit of Life 2.1 Cell Theory 2.2 Structure of a Typical Cell 2.3 Cell Organelles and Their Functions 2.4 Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis)

  3. Biomolecules 3.1 Carbohydrates 3.2 Proteins 3.3 Lipids 3.4 Nucleic Acids

  4. Plant Biology 4.1 Plant Cell vs Animal Cell 4.2 Plant Tissues and Their Functions 4.3 Plant Anatomy and Morphology 4.4 Plant Physiology (Photosynthesis, Respiration, Transpiration)

  5. Animal Biology 5.1 Animal Tissues and Their Functions 5.2 Animal Anatomy and Morphology 5.3 Animal Physiology (Digestion, Respiration, Circulation, Excretion)

  6. Genetics and Inheritance 6.1 Principles of Heredity 6.2 Mendel's Laws of Inheritance 6.3 Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance 6.4 Gene Expression and Regulation

  7. Molecular Biology 7.1 DNA Structure and Replication 7.2 Transcription and Translation 7.3 Gene Expression and Regulation 7.4 Biotechnology and Its Applications

  8. Evolution and Diversity of Life 8.1 Origin of Life and Evolutionary Theories 8.2 Mechanisms of Evolution 8.3 Classification of Living Organisms 8.4 Biodiversity and Conservation

  9. Ecology and Environment 9.1 Ecosystem and Its Components 9.2 Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycling 9.3 Population and Community Ecology 9.4 Environmental Issues and Conservation Strategies

  10. Biology in Human Welfare 10.1 Food Production and Agriculture 10.2 Health and Diseases 10.3 Biomedical Research and Applications 10.4 Ethical Issues in Biology

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