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 Certificate Courses 

Certificate program in Food and Beverage Operation                        Certificate in Agricultural Science          

Certificate in challenges of agribusiness management                      Certificate in Bio-fertilizer Production

Certificate in precision agriculture course                                           Certificate program in Food Safety   Certificate in sustainable agricultural land management                    Certificate in Farming

Certificate in agriculture, economics, and nature                                Certificate in understanding plants        Certificate in transformation of global food system                            Certificate in Algae biotechnology

Certificate in microbial analysis for growers                                        Certificate in horticulture

Certificate in modern farming techniques                                             Certificate in basics of fertilizers

Certificate in Agriculture and land management                                  Certificate in agriculture

Certificate in Agribusiness management                                              Certificate in animal husbandry

Certificate in bio-organic farming & gardening

 Diploma Courses 

Diploma Agriculture                                                                                  Diploma Dairy Technology

Diploma horticulture                                                                                 Diploma Food Production

Diploma in Agribusiness Management                                                   Diploma in Agricultural Engineering

Diploma in Animal Husbandry                                                                 Diploma in Organic Farming

Diploma in Agricultural Biotechnology                                                   Diploma in Agricultural Marketing

Diploma in Agricultural Extension                                                           Diploma in Agro-Processing

Diploma in Sericulture                                                                               Diploma in Poultry Farming

Diploma in Aquaculture                                                                             Diploma in Agricultural Journalism

 PG Diploma Courses 

PG Diploma Floriculture                                                                    PG Diploma Agriculture

PG Diploma Dairy Technology                                                          PG Diploma seed technology

PG Diploma in Agriculture and Rural Development                       PG Diploma in Agri-Business Management

PG Diploma in Agricultural Extension Management                      PG Diploma in Organic Farming

PG Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Gardening                PG Diploma in Agricultural Marketing

PG Diploma in Agricultural Biotechnology                                     PG Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture

PG Diploma in Precision Farming and Agroinformatics               PG Diploma in Agricultural Journalism

PG Diploma in Agriculture and Food Management

 BSc courses 

BSc in Agriculture                                                             BSc in Agricultural Economics

BSc in Agricultural Engineering                                      BSc in Agronomy

BSc in Animal Science                                                      BSc in Crop Science

BSc in Horticulture                                                            BSc in Soil Science

BSc in Agricultural Biotechnology                                  BSc in Agricultural Extension and Communication

BSc in Agricultural Chemistry                                         BSc in Agricultural Education

BSc in Agricultural Business Management                    BSc in Agribusiness

BSc in Agricultural and Environmental Science            BSc in Agricultural Meteorology

BSc in Agricultural Information Technology                   BSc in Organic Agriculture

BSc in Plant Pathology                                                     BSc in Agricultural Microbiology

BSc in Sericulture (Silk Farming)                                     BSc in Dairy Technology

BSc in Poultry Science                                                      BSc in Fishery Science

BSc in Food Science and Technology                             BSc in Forestry

BSc in Natural Resource Management                            BSc in Wildlife Conservation and Management

BSc in Agroecology                                                           BSc in Sustainable Agriculture

 BTech. courses 

B.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering                                            B.Tech. in Agricultural Information Technology

B.Tech. in Food Technology                                                         B.Tech. in Dairy Technology

B.Tech. in Agricultural Biotechnology                                         B.Tech. in Agricultural and Food Engineering

B.Tech. in Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering                     B.Tech. in Agricultural Electronics

B.Tech. in Horticulture                                                                   B.Tech. in Agricultural Business Management

B.Tech. in Agricultural and Farm Machinery                               B.Tech. in Agricultural and Dairy Business        B.Tech. in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering                 B.Tech. in Precision Agriculture

B.Tech. in Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering

 M.Sc. courses 

​M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics​                                         M.Sc. in Agriculture

M.Sc. in Agronomy                                                                M.Sc. in Plant Physiology

M.Sc. in Plant Biotechnology                                               M.Sc. in Seed Science and Technology

M.Sc. in Animal Husbandry                                                  M.Sc. in Soil Science

M.Sc. in Plant Pathology                                                       M.Sc. in Sericulture

MSc in Crop Science                                                             MSc in Soil Science

MSc in Agricultural Extension                                              MSc in Agricultural Biotechnology

MSc in Horticulture                                                                MSc in Agricultural Engineering

MSc in Animal Science                                                          MSc in Plant Pathology

MSc in Entomology                                                                MSc in Agricultural Business Management

MSc in Agribusiness                                                              MSc in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

MSc in Sustainable Agriculture                                             MSc in Organic Farming

MSc in Food Security                                                             MSc in Agricultural Education

MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS in Agriculture                  MSc in Agricultural and Resource Economics

MSc in Agricultural Policy                                                     MSc in Livestock Production

MSc in Aquaculture                                                                MSc in Dairy Science

MSc in Poultry Science                                                          MSc in Precision Agriculture

MSc in Water Management in Agriculture                            MSc in Agricultural Marketing

MSc in Farm Management                                                     MSc in International Agriculture

 M. Tech. courses 

M.Tech in Agricultural Engineering                                    M.Tech in Food Technology

M.Tech in Agricultural Biotechnology                                M.Tech in Post-Harvest Engineering

M.Tech in Agronomy                                                            M.Tech in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

M.Tech in Agricultural Process and Structures                 M.Tech in Agricultural Information Technology

M.Tech in Horticulture                                                          M.Tech in Agricultural Systems and Management

M.Tech in Agricultural Machinery Design and Testing      M.Tech in Farm Power and Machinery

M.Tech in Agricultural Meteorology                                    M.Tech in Renewable Energy in Agriculture

M.Tech in Agricultural Economics                                       M.Tech in Agricultural Statistics

M.Tech in Agricultural Remote Sensing                              M.Tech in Precision Farming

M.Tech in Plant Breeding and Genetics                               M.Tech in Agribusiness Management

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