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Syllabus for ICAR-JRF (PhD)

Section-08: Plant Biochemistry/Biochemistry

Unit 1: Basic Biochemistry and Biomolecules

Unit 2: Intermediary Metabolism

Unit 3: Enzymes, Vitamins and Hormones

Unit 4: Molecular Biology

Unit 5: Techniques in Biochemistry

Unit 6: Biochemistry of Food-grains, Fruits and Vegetables

Unit 7: Photosynthesis

Unit 8: Plant Metabolic Processes

Unit 9: Plant Molecular Biology

Unit 10: Plant Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering


Section-10: Agricultural Biotechnology/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Unit 1: Cell Structure and Function

Unit 2: Biomolecules and Metabolism

Unit 3: Enzymology

Unit 4: Molecular Genetics

Unit 5: Gene Expression

Unit 6: Molecular Biology Techniques

Unit 7: Gene Cloning

Unit 8: Molecular Biology

Unit 9: Plant Molecular Biology

Unit 10: Tissue Culture

Unit 11: Plant Genetic Engineering

Unit 12: Molecular Markers and Genomics


Section-11: Agricultural Microbiology/Microbiology

Unit 1: History of Microbial World

Unit 2: Basic Microbiological Techniques

Unit 3: Microbial Physiology

Unit 4: Microbial Genetics

Unit 5: Soil Microbiology

Unit 6: Microbial diversity and Ecology

Unit 7: Microbiology of food and water

Unit 8: Industrial Microbiology

Unit 9: Applications of microorganisms in agriculture

Unit 10: Microbial omics

Unit 11: Data Analysis


Section-33: Animal Biotechnology

Unit 1: Biomolecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology

Unit 2: Cell Biology

Unit 3: Fundamental Cellular Processes

Unit 4: Cell Communication and Cell Signaling

Unit 5: Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA methods

Unit 6: Animal Tissue Culture and Hybridoma Technology

Unit 7: Embryo Transfer and Related Techniques


Section- 35: Food Technology

Unit 1: Introductory Food Technology

Unit 2: Technology of Foods of Plant Origin

Fruits and Vegetable Processing:

Food grain Processing:

Unit 3: Technology of Foods of Animal Origin

Technology of Milk and Milk Products:

Technology of Meat / Fish / Poultry Products:

Unit 4: Food Quality Management

Unit 5: Food Engineering/Packaging and Labeling

Unit 6: Food Microbiology & Biotechnology

Unit 7: Flavor Chemistry Technology

Unit 8: Consumer Sciences/Food Product Development/Health Foods


Section-72: Bioinformatics

Unit 1: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Unit 2: Preliminaries of Bioinformatics

Unit 3: Genome assembly

Unit 4: Evolutionary Biology

Unit 5: Statistical Genomics

Unit 6: Protein Structure Prediction

Unit 7: Biological Database Management System

Unit 8: Bio-programming and Computational Biology

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