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Syllabus for NEET-UG (Biology)

UNIT I: Diversity in Living World

• Biodiversity

• Taxonomy

• Plant Classification

• Animal Classification

UNIT II: Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants

• Plant Anatomy and Morphology

• Animal Anatomy and Morphology

UNIT III: Cell Structure and Function

• Cell Biology

• Cell Chemistry

• Cell division


UNIT IV: Plant Physiology

• Transport in plants

• Mineral nutrition

• Photosynthesis

• Respiration

• Plant growth and development

UNIT V: Human Physiology

• Digestive System

• Respiratory System

• Circulatory System

• Excretory System

• Skeleton System

• Nervous System

• Endocrine System

UNIT VI: Reproduction

• Reproduction in organisms.

• Sexual reproduction in flowering plants.

• Human Reproduction

• Reproductive health

UNIT VII: Genetics and Evolution

• Heredity and variation

• Molecular basis of Inheritance

• Evolution

UNIT VIII: Biology and Human Welfare

• Health and Disease

• Improvement in food production

• Microbes in human welfare

UNIT IX: Biotechnology and Its Applications

• Principles and process of Biotechnology

• Application of Biotechnology in health and agriculture

UNIT X: Ecology and environment

• Organisms and environment

• Ecosystem

• Biodiversity and its conservation

• Environmental issues

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