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Unit 1: Biotechnology: An overview

Chapter 1: Introduction to Biotechnology


Unit-II: Molecules of Life

Chapter 1: Biomolecules: Building Blocks

Chapter 2: Macromolecules: Structure & Function


Unit III: Genes and Genomes

Chapter 1: Gene Structure and Function

Chapter 2: Genomes Organization & Function

Unit IV: Cells and Organisms

Chapter 1: Cells: The Basic Unit of Life

Chapter 2: Organisms: Structure & Dynamics

Unit V: Protein and Gene Manipulation

Chapter 1: Recombinant DNA Technology

Chapter 2: Protein Structure and Engineering

Chapter 3: Genomics and Bioinformatics

Unit VI: Cell Culture and Genetic Manipulation

Chapter I: Microbial Culture and Applications

Chapter II: Plant Cell Culture and Applications

Chapter III: Animal Cell Culture and Applications

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