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Important Books for IIT-JAM

  1. Biotechnology: A Problem Approach

  2. Kalyani Biotechnology Expanding Horizons by B.D. Singh 

  3. A Textbook of Biotechnology by R C Dubey 

  4. IIT-JAM: M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Previous Years & Practice Test Papers (Solved)+MCQs Life Sciences - Biotechnology

  5. Textbook of Biotechnology, 5ed by H.K. Das


Important Books for ICAR-AIEEA (PG)

  1. NTA-ICAR: AIEEA - PG Entrance Exam Guide by Dr. B.B. Singh

  2. Objective Soil Science by Ashok D & B B Singh Kadlag

  3. ICAR AIEEA [PG] Plant Biotechology Books by Diwakar Education Hub

  4. Objective Agricultural Social Sciences by Jagdish K. Arya D. Kumar

  5. NTA ICAR AIEEA (PG) Plant Sciences by Dr. Mamta Singh

Important Books for GAT-B

  1. Kalyani Biotechnology Expanding Horizons by B.D. Singh 

  2. Graduate Aptitude Test–Biotechnology (GAT-B) Previous Years' Paper by RPH Editorial Board

  3. CUET PG / IIT JAM Life Science Biochemistry Biotechnology Theory Book by Kailash Choudhary

  4. IIT JAM Biotechnology Bioscience Theory Book by IFAS Publications and Kailash Choudhary

  5. Pathfinder Academy M.Sc Biotechnology & Life Sciences Entrance Exam Combo Set

  6. Pharmacy and Biotechnology Mathematics by Khan Riyaz Ahmad 

Important Books for CUET-PG

  1. CUET-PG Life Sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology etc. by Pranav Kumar

  2. Kalyani Biotechnology Expanding Horizons by B.D. Singh

  3. PG-CUET Fundamentals of Life Sciences by Dr. Rohit Shankar Mane

  4. CUET PG QUESTION BANK LIFE SCIENCES (SCQP17), by Deepmala Katiyar, Bharti Singh, and Deepmala Katiyar 

  5. CSIR NET Life Science 7700+ Previous Year Sorted Questions Paper - Best Life Science PYQ Book for CSIR UGC NET, GATE, DBT, ICMR Exams - Last 23 Years Questions with Answer Key by Kailash Choudhary

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